• Aftertax feature

    Algebra One "Blacksburg Songs 95-99" available now! Order it today!

  • Aftertax feature

    Aftertax "Discography Volume 1 available now!

  • Scribbler feature

    Scribbler "A Lesson In Philly" available now! Buy it today!

  • Blunderbuss feature

    Blunderbuss "Cutout Bin of the Digital World" available now!

    A digital discography of the band's complete catalog. It includes all the early seven-inches, the first album 'conspiracy,' unreleased songs and demos and the final self titled release.

  • RompeCabeza Multiball feature

    RompeCabeza's "Multiball" available December 2nd! Pre-order today!

    Multiball is Rompecabeza’s recorded output in it’s entirety including previously released Ball Peen Companion (Huel Records) as well as a slew of unreleased recordings.

  • Lancaster County Prison - Live at Tramps

    Lancaster County Prison's "Live at Tramps" available now!

    Lancaster County Prison, NYC's country music for the hard of hearing, played a ripping set at Tramps, on their home turf.

    OUT NOW! Lancaster County Prison's "Live at Tramps!" Recorded in 1999 at the NYC club Tramps, this is LCP at top form. Playing all the hits! You buy now!

  • Anthrophobia

    PRE-ORDER the re-mastered digital version of the out of print releases "PULSE" for the first time ever!

    “The band's style, which melds the early hardcore chops of bands like Bad Brains with the more simplistic approach of Helmet, is well-represented in this solid set."

    “Lead vocalist Frank Phobia spews his paranoid diatribes over a churning bed of metallic, angst-driven grooves, delivered with a no-nonsense (i.e., guitar solo-free) aesthetic." - allmusic.com

  • Ex-Friends

    4-song 7" EP on colored vinyl.
    Short and awesome punk rock songs.

    Recent reviews for previous releases...

    “Delivers rapid fire pop-punk anthems rife with dichotomy.” - PunkNews.org

    “Addictive without getting boring and makes you want to break out your old punk records, throw on some headphones and sing a long, anthem style.” - thepunksite.com

    “What you are dealt with here is short, sharp shocks of catchy, melodic punk perfection.” - hitthefloor.com

  • Speedwell

    Speedwell’s long awaited discography, “Start to Finish” featuring rare, unreleased tracks, available now!

    “A rousing, breathless blast from the past.” - KDHX 88.1 FM

    “Clenching, about-to-snap aggression...and…melodic obligingness.” - The Big Takeover

    “If new emo bands sounded like this…the world would be a better place, for me.” - Collective Zine

    “This is an album of perfect Midwest emo ... with just enough abrasiveness to make your heart a little raw” - Survivre La Nuit

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