"Cutout Bin of the Digital World"

Blunderbuss "Cutout Bin of the Digital World"


A digital discography of the band's complete catalog. It includes all the early seven-inches, the first album 'conspiracy,' unreleased songs and demos and the final self titled release.


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Catalog #: CR0103


Track 1: Push
Track 2: Surrounded
Track 3: Line Drive to the Forehead
Track 4: Flatfoot
Track 5: Bed Rider
Track 6: Glace Glare
Track 7: Lowlands
Track 8: Black Stump & Crooked Mick (7-Inch Version)
Track 9: Million Dollar Coma
Track 10: Four Tickets on Fitment
Track 11: Perfect Time
Track 12: New Ground
Track 13: False Monarch
Track 14: Sold on Gold
Track 15: Charming Host
Track 16: Black Stump & Crooked Mick
Track 17: Decree of the Comet
Track 18: Pretty Grip
Track 19: 8 Seconds of Sound
Track 20: Knock
Track 21: Surrounded (Demo Version)
Track 22: My Sweetie Pie
Track 23: Push
Track 24: Lou/Stacy
Track 25: You Goddamn Hairy
Track 26: Tried
Track 27: Slappin' Salami
Track 28: Forgotten
Track 29: Rhybar
Track 30: Five Minutes and Fifty Two Seconds of Keyboard
Track 31: Smoking Monkeyspit
Track 32: Card Drive
Track 33: Take Down
Track 34: Muted Reason
Track 35: Detention Fool
Track 36: Used Puzzle
Track 37: Dry Hope
Track 38: Jumping Jack and Jill
Track 39: Re/Rock
Track 40: Toxic Town
Track 41: Preacher in the Pulpit
Track 42: I Gotta Make One Up
Track 43: Broughton's Rules
Track 44: Somewhere on the Way to There
Track 45: Insomniac
Track 46: Worn Windowsills
Track 47: Surrounded
Track 48: Sin Built Stairs
Track 49: City Pigeons
Track 50: I Am a Prayer
Track 51: The Burning Bellhop
Track 52: The Trees Will Never Tell
Track 53: Morning Bird