Ex Friends "Animal Needs"


'Pennsylvania's long-running metal-rock-hardcore outfit Anthrophobia delivered its first full-length national release, Pulse, in 1997 after toiling on the independent circuit for over a decade. The release of the Framework EP garnered the attention the year prior to get the band signed to Oxygen/Mausoleum Records. The band's style, which melds the early hardcore chops of bands like Bad Brains with the more simplistic approach of Helmet, is well-represented in this solid set."

"Lead vocalist Frank Phobia spews his paranoid diatribes over a churning bed of metallic, angst-driven grooves, delivered with a no-nonsense (i.e., guitar solo-free) aesthetic. Sometimes the band sounds like Quicksand fronted by Rob Zombie. Guest contributor Jeff Davis (aka Stress, went on to work with Gym Class Heroes, Ghostface Killah, and more ) adds some rap-style vocals and scratching to some of the tracks, which may sound like Limp Bizkit to some, although it's more likely inspired by Phobia heroes Faith No More." -


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Catalog #: CR0108


Track 1: Patient?
Track 2: Perfection
Track 3: Vanishing
Track 4: Burn Down
Track 5: Loophole
Track 6: Enough, Already
Track 7: Loose Grip
Track 8: What Should Have Been Mine
Track 9: Mood Ring
Track 10: The Whole Nine Yards
Track 11: Stuck in Reverse
Track 12: Disturbed
Track 13: Wreck Me (Framework EP)
Track 14: Empty (Framework EP)
Track 15: Move over, Mr. Big Kick (Framework EP)
Track 16: Resist and Change (Framework EP)
Track 17: The Whole Nine Yards (Framework EP)
Track 18: Soul Conditioning (Framework EP)