Algebra One
"Blacksburg Songs 95-99"

Ex Friends "Animal Needs"

Think of this collection as less of a discography and more of a documentation of what it was like to be in a band as a kid in the ‘90s, finding your way through different musical styles, playing shows with friends, and living in Blacksburg – a small college town in Southwestern Virginia.

Also note: staying in tune was never one of their core competencies.

Tyler Dickson – guitar, vocals
Shawn Boles – drums
Stew Monday – bass
Dave Kincaid – bass on tracks 24, 25
Charles Glover – guitar on tracks 18-23, 31, 32, 35-41


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Catalog #: CR0113


Track 1: Spit
Track 2: Engine Falters
Track 3: Nautical Mile
Track 4: Turnabout Intruder
Track 5: Chinese Zodiac
Track 6: Would You Be Mine
Track 7: Ten
Track 8: One Mile Radius
Track 9: More Encouragement
Track 10: Bed Post Broken
Track 11: Bury Yourself
Track 12: Crimewave to Your Heart
Track 13: Burn Your Way Home
Track 14: Wiretap
Track 15: Fireball
Track 16: The Dead Horses
Track 17: Backseat Sleeper
Track 18: The Bells of Tokyo
Track 19: New Airborne Disease
Track 20: Reverb
Track 21: Truer Love at Higher Altitudes
Track 22: Knives
Track 23: Mint Juleps at Sunset
Track 24: Diversion
Track 25: Fanzine
Track 26: Twist and Pout
Track 27: Sabrina
Track 28: Roman Candles
Track 29: Automatic Angel
Track 30: My T-Shirt Is Killing Me (4-track Demo)
Track 31: I Think We're Spiraling into the Sun (4-track Demo)
Track 32: Tonight Is the Night I Will Shoot the Moon (4-track Demo)
Track 33: Fanzine (Live on WUVT)
Track 34: So Happy (Live on WUVT)
Track 35: Burn Your Way Home (Live at Twisters)
Track 36: New Airborne Disease (Live at Twisters)
Track 37: Fireball (Live at Twisters)
Track 38: Knives (Live at Twisters)
Track 39: Truer Love at Higher Altitudes (Live at Twisters)
Track 40: Sabrina (Live at Twisters)
Track 41: The Dead Horses (Live at Twisters)