Various Artists

Various Artists "Homage"


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Catalog #: CR0017


Track 1: Moped “Global Probing”
Track 2: Poole “Can't Go Back”
Track 3: Garden Variety “Clean Sheets”
Track 4: Plow United “Bikeage”
Track 5: Inch “Kids”
Track 6: FF “Statue Of Liberty”
Track 7: Peepshow “Coolidge”
Track 8: Drew “Hey Hey”
Track 9: Black Train Jack “Catalina”
Track 10: Dooms U.K. “Sour Grapes”
Track 11: The Bouncing Souls “Pervert”
Track 12: Soccer “Christmas Vacation”
Track 13: Jake And The Stiffs “I'm Not A Loser”
Track 14: Thrush Hermit “Ace”
Track 15: Pavement “It's A Hectic World”
Track 16: Dunebuggy “Good, Good Things”
Track 17: Snowplow “Cheer”
Track 18: Shirk Circus “Jean Is Dead”
Track 19: Wally “Get The Time”
Track 20: Frank Pobia And Clem “Kabuki Girl”
Track 21: Bunnygrunt “Silly Girl”
Track 22: PKids “I Don't Wanna Grow”
Track 23: Squatweiler “Parents, I Like Food”
Track 24: Teen Idols “Cameage”
Track 25: Scarab “Green”
Track 26: Tru Zero “Ride The Wild”
Track 27: Parasites “Pep Talk”
Track 28: Melting Hopefuls “I'm Not A Punk”
Track 29: Meatjack “Iceman”