Plow United
"The Dustbin of History"

Plow United "The Dustbin of History"


Track 1: Stupid Jock Rock
Track 2: Sorority Girl
Track 3: Firedogs Are Deaf
Track 4: Let's Get Stupid
Track 5: Breaking Point
Track 6: Believe Your Eyes
Track 7: Oh Way Oh
Track 8: Beat Up Radio
Track 9: Let Me Walk You Home
Track 10: Pearl Jam
Track 11: Dance (Better Than I've Ever Seen)
Track 12: Timmy Is an Arsonist
Track 13: Unhappy
Track 14: Lifeguard
Track 15: Christoph
Track 16: Could You?
Track 17: Sadi
Track 18: Plow Beach
Track 19: Break My Heart
Track 20: Big Promises
Track 21: Counted Out
Track 22: Yes Sir!
Track 23: Comeback
Track 24: The Beat Fades Quickly
Track 25: No Parole
Track 26: Lighters
Track 27: Love Comes In Spurts