Lancaster County Prison
"Live At The Village Idiot"

Lancaster County Prison "Live at The Village Idiot"


Track 1: Valley of the Sun - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 2: I Don’t Need It - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 3: Skid Row - Traditional
Track 4: Killin’ Kin/Poppers & Whiskey (medley) - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 5: Trouble on the Turnpike – Roger Miller (BMI)
Track 6: If the Whiskey Don’t Kill Me – John Carruthers (BMI) / Mark DeAngelis (BMI)
Track 7: NYC RFD - Larry Collins (BMI) / Alice Joy (BMI)
Track 8: Brooklyn Swamp - John Carruthers (BMI) / Joe Vazquez (BMI)
Track 9: How Long You Wanna Live? - John Carruthers (BMI) / Joe Vazquez (BMI)
Track 10: Deep Dark Past - Mark DeAngelis (BMI)
Track 11: Lost My Looks - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 12: The Song - Mark DeAngelis (BMI)
Track 13: Yellow Rose of Texas - (trad. arranged by Donnelly)
Track 14: Village Idiot - Mark DeAngelis (BMI)
Track 15: Fat, Old, Drunk and Proud - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 16: Beyond the Bottle - John Carruthers (BMI)