Lancaster County Prison
"Lancaster County Prison"

Lancaster County Prison "Lancaster County Prison"


Track 1: Cold Cold Sun - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 2: Fall in Love with Me - Roy Edroso (BMI)
Track 3: Old SlewFoot - Howard Hausey (BMI) / James Webb (BMI)
Track 4: Poppers and Whiskey - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 5: I had a Problem - Roy Edroso (BMI)
Track 6: Village Idiot - Mark DeAngelis (BMI)
Track 7: My Job as a Man - Roy Edroso (BMI)
Track 8: Lookin’ for a Way - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 9: Killin’ Kin - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 10: Battle of New Orleans - Jimmy Driftwood (BMI)
Track 11: Drunk on Whiskey - Mark DeAngelis (BMI)
Track 12: The Girl Behind the Bar - Roy Edroso (BMI)
Track 13: I Don’t Need to Like It - John Carruthers (BMI) 
Track 14: Don’t Let Me Fall - Roy Edroso (BMI)
Track 15: Wedding Dress of Hell - John Carruthers (BMI)
Track 16: Welcome Whiskey Back Again - Traditional