Kingdom of Rust

Kingdom of Rust


The genesis of Kingdom of Rust dates back to the late 90’s when two lifetime friends, Kevin Mitchell and Mark Roper, bought a couple of acoustic guitars and a 4-track recorder. Not really knowing how to use either did not stop them from diving head first into songwriting and having a serious amount of fun. Their shared interest in creating music resulted in enough ideas to contact another friend, Rich Spillberg and schedule a “working vacation” during the fall of 1999 in the mountains of North Carolina. Rich at that time was getting into producing and helped the duo to arrange and create the sound of what was then called the Knob Creek Superstars!

Fast forward, ten years later, Kevin and Mark decided to regroup and again started with writing and recording new demos. The next progression was inviting vocalist Jeff Ivey to join them. Jeff’s broad vocal abilities gelled immediately and the three then continued to write and record a new set of demos with Jeff. The group then rounded out the lineup joined by Tim Easley on lead acoustic followed by John Flowers on drums and percussion. John has over 40 years experience of “hitting things with sticks” and has now added ”hitting things with your bare hands” to his impressive resume.

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