Ex Friends

Ex Friends


It was the autumn of 2013 and time was standing still for Philadelphia punk band Ex Friends. Their first full-length “Rules For Making Up Words” was stalled by pressing plant delays. The new songs were piling up precariously, like a life-size JENGA. So they did what any patient punk band would do: They put on a warm flannel and crept back into the studio, this time with Arik Victor (Creep Records), and recorded “Animal Needs,” a four-song 7" EP, for the venerable Coolidge Records.

Building upon the strange mix of melody and aggression that characterizes Rules, Animal Needs features the same eloquently expressed anger, but with more emphasis on story and character, and more musical reach. There's even a freaking saxophone. A saxophone! If you liked “Rules For Making Up Words,” check out “Animal Needs” and see where Ex Friends is planning on taking you next.


Band Website: exfrnds.com

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