Various Artists
"Empower: Exercising the Human Spirit"

Various Artists "Empower: Exercising the Human Spirit"


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Catalog #: CR0037


Track 1: Dynamo Hum “Say Hello to Love”
Track 2: Explosivo “(Whatever) Something About Moths”
Track 3: Association Area “Euclid Manny Baker”
Track 4: The Ladderback “Dead Bird Collector”
Track 5: Cream Abdul Babar “Shiss”
Track 6: On the Might of Princes “...And the Hat Stays On”
Track 7: The Gods Hate Kansas “Not Paul Simon”
Track 8: Old Man “Damage Control”
Track 9: Jonah's Onelinedrawing “Be Quiet & Drive (Eem Living Room Mix)”
Track 10: Adhesivizashunalizm “Peel This Strip and Fold Here”
Track 11: Vic Firecracker “E.”
Track 12: Delvic “Forever and a Month of Sundays”
Track 13: Waifle “Australian for Woman”
Track 14: Burn It Down “Snakes in the Garden (Revisted)”
Track 15: Shelby Cinca “The One Who Tried to See It All”
Track 16: Joshua Fit For Battle “To Bring Our Own End”
Track 17: Frodus “Suspicion Breeds Confidence”
Track 18: Ann Beretta “Love's Easy Tears (Acoustic)”
Track 19: The National Acrobat “Kfv”
Track 20: Groundzero “He Died at 47”
Track 21: The Rusty Nails “A Scottish Soldier”
Track 22: Speedwell “Fighting Sleep”