Various Artists
"Coolidge 50"

Various Artists "Coolidge 50"


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Catalog #: CR0028


Track 1: The Crash “Delaware: Our Delaware”
Track 2: Plow United “Pennsylvania: Hail, Pennsylvania”
Track 3: Hopefuls “New Jersey: New Jersey”
Track 4: A Mercy Union “Georgia: Georgia On My Mind”
Track 5: The #1 Cigs “Connecticut: Connecticut State Song”
Track 6: Little A “Massachusetts: All Hail To Massachusetts”
Track 7: Pee-Tanks “Maryland: Maryland! My Maryland”
Track 8” The Frownies “South Carolina: Stand Tall”
Track 9: Christian “New Hampshire: Old New Hampshire”
Track 10: Fun Size “Virginia: Carry Me Back To Old Virginny”
Track 11: Long Distance Runner “New York: New York, Our Empire State”
Track 12: Sticky “North Carolina: The Old North State”
Track 13: Laurels “Rhode Island: Rhode Island”
Track 14: Huffy “Vermont: Hail, Vermont”
Track 15: Gladys “Kentucky: My Old Kentucky Home”
Track 16: Pezz “Tennessee: When It's Iris Time In Tennessee”
Track 17: Croatan “Ohio: Beautiful Ohio”
Track 18: Royal Pendeltons “Louisiana: Give Me Louisiana”
Track 19: Dessau “Indiana: On The Banks Of The Wabash, Far Away”
Track 20: August Sons “Mississippi: Go, Mississippi”
Track 21: Lynyrd's Innards “Illinois: Illinois”
Track 22: The Quinsonics “Alabama: Alabama”
Track 23: Doc Hopper “Maine: State Of Maine Song”
Track 24: Bunnygrunt “Missouri: Missouri Waltz”
Track 25: The Mistletones “Arkansas: Arkansas”

Track 1: Dead Clown Pile “Michigan: Michigan, My Michigan”
Track 2: Home “Florida: Swanee River”
Track 3: Baboon “Texas: Texas, Our Texas”
Track 4: The Bent Scepters “Iowa: Tall Grass And Short Women (Song Of Iowa)”
Track 5: Boris the Sprinkler “Wisconsin: On Wisconsin”
Track 6: Dodgeball “California: I Love You California”
Track 7: 4th Grade Nothing “Minnesota: Hail! Minnesota”
Track 8: The Automatics “Oregon: Oregon State Song”
Track 9: Kill Creek “Kansas: Home On The Range”
Track 10: Hefty “West Virginia: West Virginia Hills”
Track 11: Narcissistic Freds “Home Means Nevada”
Track 12: Sideshow “Nebraska: Beautiful Nebraska”
Track 13: Pinhead Circus “Colorado: Where The Columbines Grow”
Track 14: Martian “North Dakota: North Dakota Hymn”
Track 15: The TransAms “South Dakota: Hail! South Dakota”
Track 16: Disgruntled Nation “Montana: Montana”
Track 17: Sicko “Washington: Washington, My Home”
Track 18: Haggis “Idaho: Here We Have Idaho”
Track 19: One Good Eye “Wyoming: Wyoming”
Track 20: 9 Spine Stickleback “Utah: Utah, We Love Thee”
Track 21: P.D.B. “Oklahoma: Oklahoma”
Track 22: UVtransmission “New Mexico: O, Fair New Mexico”
Track 23: Mandingo “Arizona: Valley Of The Spun”
Track 24: Little Lippi “Alaska: Alaska's Flag”
Track 25: Grapefruit “Hawaii: Hawaii Ponto”